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Dedicated Hiring

We not only boast of some of the most talented web developers, application developers and software developers but also take pride in the quality of solutions they design and develop. We have developed some of the most stunning and popular solutions as well as the most comprehensive and complete IT and ITES solutions for some of the biggest names in the industry.

Flexible Hiring

we not only hire flexible application developers, we also hire flexible software developers, flexible web developers and other flexible developers and staff. We have been one of the most trusted and dependable companies who enjoy huge referrals from our past and present clients. We have the most talented pool of programmers, application developers & SEO experts.

Project Based

We have a team of highly experienced, talented and dedicated project-based application developers. We also hire project base application developers for our clients to work in a variety of locations. We offer the most competitive prices and also the opportunity to work in live projects instead of waiting on the sidelines. We also offer a number of other perks and incentives.


Enterprise Mobility Solution

If you want to keep your business moving forward and, be ahead of the game, you have to keep up with the latest technology. Mobility has been acknowledged as the most troublesome technology that modernization has faced today.

Mobile Apps Development

We are equipped with all the latest technologies and trends to provide your business customized apps. We develop mobile applications for all kinds of operating systems that is, from Android, IOS to Windows.

E-Commerce Solution

We provide you with customized e-commerce solutions to suit your business needs. We guarantee a secure payment gateway where the customers would be able to provide their information without any worries

Open source Development

Moderate Techno Services is the one stop solution for your website; for here, we provide you with complete solutions for your website that includes revamping it from time to time to stay one step ahead in the competition.

Testing and QA Services

Moderate Techno Services use leading-edge quality management solutions in meeting the specified requirements of the customers by developing agile techniques that help to bring about an error-free functionality of a service.

Themes Customization

The designers are well experienced to create such themes exclusively for their clients. These themes can be created as per the requirement and need of the client or the user of the page.

About Us

Moderate Techno Services is a one-stop solution dispenser for all mobile applications, web development and software development services. Our programmers are also capable of developing customized applications, and have expertise in their fields. Moderate Techno Services works as a reliable partner to all its clients and remains successful, and lives up to its commitment. The experienced teams put their focus on the project and strive in completing it while helping clients in accomplishing their business goals. They listen, understand your requirements, and work accordingly, throughout the process. The clients are free to communicate with the developers whenever necessary, regarding any new ideas or changes that needed to be put into the existing plan, and can be contacted by way of phone, email, or instant messaging.

Our Vision

As a renowned software and web development service provider, Moderate Techno Services is very clear about its and vision. We provide the best in class, software development services to our clients, which incidentally marks our hallowed vision. We are not just the service provider, but also serve as a web partner to our clients. We operate and carry out tasks based on a set of business values and principles. Innovation, Reliability and Client-friendliness are the three terms, which perfectly define our business methodologies. We excel in this field and take up the responsibility of helping organizations in meeting their IT needs and business goals. As a reliable outsourcing partner, we live up to our commitment of delivering the best of services, every time.

Our Mission and Values

The Moderate Techno Services family believes in unity, and works as a team that not just simplifies communication but optimizes the work as well. We understand the complexity in businesses and help clients with flexible solutions. Our work ethos includes dignity and respect, which we show towards our clients’ needs in equal measure. Besides, we try to develop good customer-provider relationships, in order to deliver the result, as they want it to be. The value structure of the organization aids employees in their personal and professional development as well. We strive in building the best software and content solutions for our clients, a major achievement on our part.

How it Works

Welcome To Moderate Techno Services Pvt. Ltd.

Our Quality Policy

Moderate Techno Services has established a good name in the market in a short span of time by offering quality web solutions of high standards and at attractive prices. It works as a partner with the clients and create business value. The company believes in innovation and follows the same, while working on projects.

Our Work Process

The team of professionals at Moderate Techno Services follows definite processes for website creation that involves various modifications and keeping options for software expansion, should the need arise in future. Here is a quick overview of the steps we follow: Analysis>Design>Building up content>Coding and development>Testing

Why Moderate Techno Services

We believe in simplicity and thus, believe in using simple yet advanced strategies that lead us to success. We are a brand within, whom the existing clients approach and opt for our services. We not just believe in innovation but follow the same by combining effectiveness and reliability, while partnering with clients.

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