Complete Softwares


A Complete Accounting Software for General Stores, Departmental Stores, Local Businesses, and all types of Trading and Manufacturing Firms.

Hospital Management

A Complete Management Software for Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceutical Firms, and Medicinal Manufacturing Companies.


Complete software for managing your customers, knowing their needs, and planning your resources based on the data.


Complete Billing Software for almost every firm. With invoicing, GST directs and reverse taxation.


A Multi-Level Marketing system where users get the benefit for an advertising company product or join the company as a buyer and get benefits for business promotion schemes.

School / College Management

Managing your Students, Teachers, Non-teaching staff, and their details has never been easier.

Business Directory

A Complete Software for keeping and managing business directories.

Project Management

Complete Software for keeping and managing all your projects, their details, and related formalities, all in one place.